Okay, let me just say, I’ve seen so many messy desktops in my life. AND as a nerd for productivity and organization, it has been giving me nightmares… I’m kidding – maybe it’s not THAT bad, but you get me.

What is a messy desktop, you ask? You know what I’m talking about – all those unnamed files and documents, and random screenshots everywhere. And just to give you a visual view, I googled it for you:


Very nice.

Now, studies show that the more organized you are, the more chances you will have in delivering outputs and meeting deadlines and as a result to earning more money! (?!) And just to add, hoarding files is not good for your computer’s speed and health. Life is much better when simple and organized. 😛

So today, let me share with you a tool I’ve been using since I was in the university. This keeps my desktop clean and organized and at the same time, functions as a to-do list. Since my obsession with binders and planners, I wanted to take it to the next level – digitally so I decided to make an organizer out of my desktop wallpaper.

And after a few minutes of googling, IT REALLY IS A THING! And I found out people actually call it a desktop organizer or sectioned wallpaper.

desktop organizer or sectioned wallpaper is just a wallpaper designed with “sections” of your work to help you stay organized. It’s usually structured according to your work and at a glance, can help you work on things that need to be done, read, printed, [any action].

In case you’re wondering, here’s mine:

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 7.37.54 PM


As you can see, I’ve sectioned my desktop to categories like – TO DO TODAY, FOR LATER, TO READ and OTHERS (which I don’t touch unless needed) and REALLY, this has helped me manage my time better. At the same time, it helps me prioritizes my work.

Since I’ve been freelancing, I know which projects needs more working on AND which projects I can leave for later (probably because I’ve worked on them already too). I’ve seen some samples online which has an “IN PROGRESS” section too!

Not to be sales-y or anything but if you’re a busy person or you just have tons of stuff on your computer, having a desktop organizer is a real game changer.


  • NAME YOUR FILES and I don’t mean “final final 2nd draft 2018”
  • Brave the wave of random screenshots, segregate them, and put those important ones in a folder! Others go in the trash bin.
  • Maximize the use of folders and icons. Have a folder for specific things/niches!
  • Use color codes and meta tags to help describe your content/files/documents if your computer allows it. This also helps you retrieve files easier.
  • DELETE THAT JUNK – it’s called junk for a reason, I believe

So it really depends on you on how you’d like to personalize and use your desktop as an organizer but really JUST HAVING a desktop organizer / sectioned wallpaper IS THE TIP.

With that, I’m ending this short post on a sweet note 😛

If you can’t find a desktop organizer for you, I’ve managed in my spare time (WOW) to create 6 simple ones you might like. Just click on the picture and you’ll be redirected to download button. I’ve also included just a small motivation message for you because why not (LOL). Hope you find them useful!


That’s it for now! Got any desktop or computer-related tips and tricks for me? Or better yet, send me your…. desktop organizers/section wallpapers! 😉 I would love to see them!

Always rooting for you,


PHOTO via @sarahliztate

5 replies on “It’s finally time to organize your desktop

  1. Oh wow just looking at those messy desktops is giving me a headache 😂 I usually just use sticky notes to organize my desktop, might give this a try tho!


  2. Your post reminded me of my long-overdue to-do of organizing my desktop. 😉 I hope to do this before yearend so I can start fresh next year. I believe that this would further improve my productivity. It would be easier for me to find my files. =)


  3. I’m guilty of having a messy desktop as well. I super love this tip of having a desktop organizer wallpaper. Tried downloading the templates that you did but I’m still required to create a Dropbox account. I couldn’t remember anymore my account for that. Anyway, excited to have a desktop organizer based on your template perhaps soon after I return from my Taiwan trip. Thank you 🙂 Keep on writing ❤


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