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Just a few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a freelancer friend. We were talking about the usual freelancing life – getting clients, dealing with frustrating clients – those kinds of things. She was a freelancer for 8 years already but what shocked me was she never heard of the term “side hustle”.

I personally thought the word side hustle was common nowadays. Especially if you are/were a part-time freelancer, you would have heard the word everywhere – because I do.

But in case you’re here and wondering what is a side hustle, urban dictionary[dotcom] defines it as:

“Sideline that brings in cash; something other than your main job. Maybe playing weekend gigs or life coaching.”

It’s basically a secondary job that helps you earn extra cash. Normally (for those with full-time jobs), this is done after work hours or on weekends. If it is your primary source of income, I guess it’s safe to say it’s more than just a side-hustle, you might call it your main hustle or business – I’m not sure but correct me if I’m wrong!

The great thing about side-hustles is that you get to set your own hours. Of course, some side-hustles won’t work unless you move but overall, it’s more flexible than your 9-5 job.

Other than that, your side hustle can be something you’re interested in. Whether it’s on fashion, photography, art, traveling – you can work with your passion through side hustles!

Here I listed five side hustle ideas to get you started! This list is particularly for students looking for extra income. I think the more unique your side hustle is, the better since people can only avail that special service/product from you. But for those who’d like to start simple, it’s fine too! Here are a few side hustle ideas you can try:

1. Teach MATH or ENGLISH (as a second language)

In this case, both are second languages.. kidding aside! I have to tell you, there is a big market for Math and English tutors! You can easily find job postings for Math and English tutors on Jobstreet and other websites. Other than that, you can do this at home, in a meeting place (such as a coffee shop, etc.), or even online – that’s if, you are comfortable with teaching Math over Skype. There are also plenty of English online schools looking for non-native tutors (that’s us!). Although you have to take an English exam and pass the demo lesson, working as an English tutor is also fulfilling. The best part? You don’t even have to be a MATH NERD or an ENGLISH EXPERT to do either! Rates usually start at 100PHP to 150PHP per hour.

2. Sell your clothes online

We all have clothes that we don’t use anymore. I believe in upcycling so I highly recommend selling your clothes online! Make sure these clothes can still be used and avoid worn out or distressed pieces. Also be sure to take nice and clear photos so that potential buyers can see. As for marketplaces, you can open a Carousell account (it’s free!) or try creating another Instagram page. You can also check Facebook for Preloved clothes and Buy and Sell groups, wherein you can just create a thread of your items. Sometimes, you can sell your clothes along with old accessories, shoes and unused makeup pieces!

3. Become a social media manager

If you love browsing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. during your free time, this side hustle will be easy for you! A lot of online businesses and brands are looking for social media managers. As a social media manager, you will be responsible for the company’s day-to-day activities such as creating and curating content, sharing and managing these published content, and sometimes answering customer or client questions. Sounds easy? Then get to it! Your favorite brands might be hiring right now. Entry level / part-time social media managers can earn PHP 90 to 100 per hour.

4. Review academic essays and papers

Those who love reading and writing will definitely enjoy reviewing academic essays and papers! While it sounds like a lot of work, reviewing essays can go from 25 – 35 minutes for 3 pages. Companies would like to stress that YOU as the reviewer cannot directly edit the essay/paper but instead, have to give recommendations on how to the writer or client can make their piece better. Just like working for an online English school, you would have to pass the online English test and write a sample essay – just so that they’re sure you’re qualified enough to do the job! You can make up to 100 USD to 230 USD a month.

5. Become a dog sitter

Most people don’t know but there is also a side hustle for pet lovers! If you love dogs, you’re going to love dog sitting. I know people who tried this before and according to them, it was really fun that you might even get attached to the cute little dogs [I WARNED YOU!] Dog hotels are really expensive nowadays so dog owners are actually considering hiring personal dog sitters. Although to get dog sitting gigs, you have to personally know people who need dog sitters, you can start with your friends or neighbors and network from there. Dog sitters are usually paid 450PHP to 500PHP a day.

BONUS: If you’re looking for a unique side hustle, then you MUST download this worksheet I prepared below! It’s a one-page question and answer guide that hopefully helps you brainstorm for your unique and right side hustle. You can right click on the photo and save it (it will save HQ don’t worry) or if you’re more into a pdf version, feel free to download it here!

How To Find Your Side Hustle.pngThat’s it for today. Next time, instead of asking WHAT is a side hustle, they can now ask you, WHAT IS your side hustle? Because remember, it’s all getting started and working hard to chasing those dreams.

What other side hustles could you add to the list? I wanna hear about it in the comments below! 🙂Always your cheerleader,

Meli | @_caramelyyy

19 replies on “Side hustles that pay

  1. I am definitely looking into life coaching as my free-time engagement alongside guest speaker in colleges. I feel sharing your experiences count a great deal for those who will listen. These are some great options you’ve given really. I’ll give a thought about the other options for sure (minus selling my clothes,as I donate them :))


    1. That’s great! I’m sure you’ll be good at it. 😉 For clothes, I agree! I usually segregate them into clothes I would sell and clothes that I would donate. Sure, it doesn’t earn you money but it’s still a good cause! 🙂


  2. This post reminded me that I kinda need to get my side hustle game in place. hahaha. I’ve been kinda putting it off for a while. Love the list you compiled, being social media manager, selling old clothes and editing academic papers are some things that I’m also interested in. Cheers to more abundant times ahead. 🙂


  3. These are helpful suggestions! Freelance writing is also a good one. You can get started using platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. I am hoping to get started with Freelancing as well as well at some point as well as offer some coaching services on my blog.


    1. Sure! I used to get freelancing clients on those platforms too + Freelancer. I find them really helpful especially when you’re just starting out. In the long run though, I’m sure you’ll be approached by clients outside! 🙂


  4. Wait, dog sitter? Wow, that is the first time that I’ve seen or read about it and it kinda pays well also. But now, due to the inflation rate, we need more side hustle or a bigger salary for the main job that we all have. It’s hard to survive with these numbers. But, I pretty much want to try to become a dog sitter.


    1. Yes, a relative of mine has been dog sitting for a time now. They say it’s much easier to handle dogs than babies. Hahaha! But that’s also true. Hopefully the pay for the side hustles increase along with inflation rate. 🙂


  5. I’ve been looking for a side hustle! Haha. I started looking into the English tutoring but was a little uncomfortable with doing Skype sessions hehe so I actually just starting selling some of my bags and clothes on Shopee 😂


    1. Oh no! Really? I think though that it’s uncomfortable at the start but some people get used to it but hey that’s great! I tried selling my bags and clothes on Shopee but I found out that selling it on FB and Carousell were better options for me. Hahaha!


  6. Yes I too intend to start some small teaching jobs. Interacting with younger lot helps to stay young too.
    These days online freelance writing opportunities are good too. Good inspiring post… set me off thinking in that direction.


  7. I would love to do social media management as my side hustle. Have been trying to apply to online jobs and Upwork but competition seems fierce. More and more people are doing side hustles. So I hope I’ll be more persistent. Also, love this site of yours. I’ll definitely check it from time to time to keep being inspired 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Me-An! I heard from a friend who does Social Media Management as a full-time job now that she doesn’t use online platforms since YES the competition is fierce but rather she promotes her blog and services through IG and twitter. It’s a long run but slowly you’re sure to get more clients after the first two months. 🙂


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